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Why Islam has many rules | Amina | note Sendai living circumstances () burden on the school lunch consideration school People who came from the Islamic world is increasing in Sendai City. Worship and meals, while worries Muslims (Muslims) et al. In a completely different Japanese society and culture, such as language, alive stretch of. Followed the day-to-day of the Muslims became a neighbor. [Bisumirra (in the name of God)] Month early, Pakistani boys had been reading aloud the Arabic uncertain pronunciation. When read aloud the all section, rose the voice of praise from the surroundings. Sendai in the Masjid every week, study sessions of the Muslim holy book [Koran] is opened. To memorize the Koran in Arabic is the faith obligations. Muslims (Muslim) reads the lifetime Koran, keep learning. The boy is a Muslim, but living in Japan from the time of birth. Arabic is a unknown language. In the Islamic countries learn Arabic and the Koran in schools and mosques, but there is no such educational facilities in Sendai.

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