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Why Islam has many rules | Amina | note Islam Allah is great than Christ!? Is called Allah that of God in Islam, but says that the only absolute god of creation. Allah is not a Muslim custom of God, is the same as the God of monotheistic religions such as Judaism and Christianity. In response to Allah's revelation, the I inosine in missionary work is, but the Prophet Muhammad (Muhammad), he was the Mecca-born merchant of Saudi Arabia. In Islam, it should not be the best, the only absolute God existence of Allah, it is a doubt the mercy depth. Therefore, Islam is not begins to believe in Allah, to stop the faith becomes a betrayal act, lead to denying Allah, referred to as the death penalty is on the Islamic law. As Muhammad is the last prophet, as the Word of God, to hear believers the words mentioned in the Kamigakari state, it is that was wrote as it is Islam of the Book [the Koran]. According to Islam, Judaism also (is the Christ is a prophet, not God) Christian also, what is the Old Testament and the New Testament who wrote the revelation of God has been with the scriptures, that wrote all the words of God rather, we are with the Koran what is the last of Scripture that covers all the word of God.

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