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[Kukkudoa] various religions in some countries! And the religion ...

Why Islam has many rules | Amina | note Various religious by country! The religion and the food of relationship you want to take care Depending on the religion, and if you have set the food do not eat in the precepts, you may have to Dabu view of the things that has not undergone processing process in which religion was recognized. Tolerance Japanese against religion and faith, but you tend to underestimate the convention on such a religion, such as in restaurants in urban areas where many foreigners live, are prepared a menu that corresponds to such a religion But on the increase. As we also basic knowledge, I just want to understand properly. Let's introduce the taboo about the food of the main religions. Religion to repel the meat The most common in the food, which is limited by the precepts of the religion is the meat. In addition, the processing method, it does not have at least one cooking method has been defined.

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